Steve Leung X yoo

Can minimalism and spectacular extravagance coexist? Can cutting edge design and sleek, classic lines work together? World-class design is the masterful amalgamation of these elements to create the beautiful and the unexpected. By introducing international brand yoo to Hong Kong in a unique collaboration, globally renowned designer Steve Leung and the internationally acclaimed yoo Studio combine these wildly different aesthetic philosophies at yoo Residence, a development of unprecedented luxury and sophistication.

Steve Leung
An internationally acclaimed interior designer and architect, Hong Kong-born Leung creates interior concepts that feature an extraordinary juxtaposition of subdued elegance and flair. The recipient of myriad international design awards, and with a portfolio of prestige projects across Asia, Steve is distinguished as one of the very few international design masters in Hong Kong.

John Hitchcox
World-famous property entrepreneur John Hitchcox founded yoo with Philippe Starck in 1999. Since its inception, yoo has flourished into an international brand famed for its dramatic and boldly innovative design. Now with a worldwide presence, yoo presents the eponymous yoo Residence -
the company's first residential development in China.